Groups stage comment

After 9 days of amazing spectacle, these are the results of the groups stage:

Group A: Ghana, Colombia and USA go through after obtain 6 points all of them. Ghana as first after demonstrate an important physical and offensive potential; Colombia as second after win by 2 goals to US, that it was just what they needed to be ahead of them in the table; and USA as third after confirm my doubts about them since the first match against India. The hosting country was barely able to score a goal and to generate some danger in the 3 matches. A foreseeable performance according to the group they had but that don’t have to demoralize them in their job with the grassroots because they have just begun to truly develop and that should not be more than one step forward to their growth as a strong country in football (in long term).

Qualified: 1st, Ghana, 2nd Colombia and 3rd USA

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(Report) Spain 4-0 Niger. Spain dissipates doubts and earns credit


The Spanish national team prevailed against Niger in match that it wasn’t a ‘match ball’ but that, if they don’t win it, it would had complicated a lot their aspirations in the tournament.

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(Notes) India 1-2 Colombia


– Both teams made 4 changes respecting to the first match.

– India formation: same as in the first match, 4-4-1-1 but surprisingly Komal Thatal (the best Indian in the first match) was not in the starting eleven.

– Colombia formation: 4-2-3-1.

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(Report) USA 3-0 India. Reality collides with the World Cup dream of India

India US Soccer Under 17 WCUP

All what is around football world in India is paralyzed during the last weeks because of the U17 World Cup that they host, the first FIFA championship run in the Asian country. All the fans are very excited of what their national team could offer during the tournament in a sport raising up in the country.

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(Notes) New Zealand 1-1 Turkey

nz tur

New Zealand formation: 4-3-3, playing direct football but with the best players not as strikers, playing behind the striker to get all the reboundings and short balls.

Turkey formation: 4-2-3-1, playing combinative with number 10, the offensive midfielder, going to the sides with freedom.

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